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Ponderosa High School Drama Department
Once Upon a Mattress
Past Production Photos

Welcome to PHS Drama!

Welcome to the official website of Ponderosa High School's Drama Department!
Here you will find all the information you need to get involved with the drama department here at Pondo and to see what we have done in the past.
We always have new and exciting events happening, so make sure you check back often for all of PHS Drama's updates.


Check out the Once Upon a Mattress Page for more information!

The PHS Little Theatre Quest!


As I think anyone who has visited the PHS Little Theatre lately can tell you, we are in desperate need of a new theatre! Our drama department is growing at an amazing rate, and we're starting to grow out of our theatre.
There are plans already drawn up for a new theatre. What we need however is 2 million dollars to get it off the ground. If you know someone or are someone who is interested in helping this worthy cause, please contact the drama department. Every little bit helps. We have an amazing program, and I believe we should have an amazing facility to go along with it!
Thank you.
---Ms. Jennifer Schmelzer

The Latest with PHS Drama


The Lenaea Festival is coming up! The advanced and intermediate drama classes competed in their final project of the years with the pieces they wanted to go with. Over 50 monologues and scenes and only 4 monologues and 2 scenes could go!
The lucky students are:
John Pearson (The Laramie Project)
Aimee Chabot (Nuts)
Sarah Hill (Talking With)
Cody-Leigh Mullin (Our Town)
Brian Lovejoy and Khrystyne Silva (Barefoot in the Park)
Matt Provencal and Justin Wilcox (A View From the Bridge)
Congrats to all students! You all did a wonderful job! Stayed tuned here for more Lenaea updates!

Live and love theatre